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About Us

Ridgewood Rescue is a volunteer run 501c3 nonprofit organization addressing the neighborhood population of stray cats and kittens through our TNR (trap, neuter, return) program, socialization and adoptions, and community education.


Our Story

The Ridgewood Rescue team is made up of Ridgewood, Queens locals who have been helping stray cats for over 8 years. We are TNR (trap, neuter, return) certified, and aim to reduce the neighborhood population of strays by fixing feral cats and finding homes for sociable stray cats and kittens. We decided to come together and create a Ridgewood-specific organization so that we could unite the neighborhood efforts around the strays and make a bigger impact.The number of animals we are able to help is entirely dependent on our wonderful donors and volunteers! Get in touch with us and/or donate today to join our efforts! We also accept supply donations. While we prefer that you shop locally if possible, you can check out our Amazon wishlist  or our Chewy Wishlist  reach out below to coordinate pick up/drop off of supplies.

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