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Ridgewood Rescue Adoptables

We are a small local rescue, so we do not have many cats/kittens up for adoption at all moments, but we always have new friendly faces coming through the door!

If you are interested in adopting from us but we don’t have a match for you (yet), please fill out our adoption application, so that if you see an adoptable cat or kitten you are pre-approved to adopt!

Our adoption fee is $175 for adult cats and $200 for kittens and $350 for kitten pairs*

 *fee includes spay/neuter, vaccines, flea/worm treatment and FIV/FELV test, when applicable 

*Please note kittens must be adopted in pairs or to a home with another playmate

Sanrio kittens

Age: 8 weeks

Health: Will be fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered

Home Requirements: Must be adopted in pairs or to a home with another cat or dog

More Info: Found in a backyard with a feral mom by a local feeder, these is beauties are ready for their forever homes after being in foster care getting super friendly and used to human love.  Named by one of our rescue members niece after Hello Kitty's friends! They are full of energy and love to play, snuggle, nap and EAT!!  Chococat and Kuromi are girls and Keroppi and Badtz-Maru are boys. Don't miss out on these special kittens!

The Baby Bunny Bunch

Age: 8 weeks

Health: Will be fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered

Home Requirements: Must be adopted in pairs or to a home with another cat or dog

More Info:  Another set of backyard babies found with a feral mom during a TNR project.  Initially we though they might have to lose soem of their eyes, they were in such bad shape. but they pulled through..They were raised at the rescue and are just the cutest.  Look at their ears!!!  These chubby little babies LOVE to play and hop around.  They ridiculously adorable.  Grab a few before they hop away!!

Over 1 Year

Olive (F)

Age: 1.5 years

Health: UTD on vaccines and spayed

Home Requirements: Olive would be okay on her own but enjoys other cats and dogs

More Info: Olive is a sweet, shy girl who is easy going around other pets.  She is yet another kitty who was once a pet and found herself on the streets.  She gets along great with her foster brother (a dog).  She would benefit from a quiet, mellow home.


Gremlin (F)

Age:  1 year

Health: UTD on vaccines and spayed

Home Requirements: None

More Info: Poor Gremlin was living in a bad hoarder situation when we found her!  She's just too adorable and deserved better (of course they all do!)  Luckily for her, we were able to convince her previous owner to surrender her.  Her foster has been working with her and she's really come out of her shell!  She loves to play, snuggle and run around with her foster brother and sister kitties.  This small, cute pie is ready for her forever home!  


Mr. Socks

Age: 10 Years

Health: Up to date on vaccines - blind or mostly blind.

Home Requirements: Mr. Socks would do best in a quiet, stress free home 

More Info: Mr. Socks is a team favorite. He lived outdoors for the first 10 years of his life suffering from entropion. Entropion is a condition where the eyelids lay in a way where lashes and hair scratch and damage the eyes over time as the animal blinks. Unfortunately, with no one looking out for him for many years, he had already lost most of his vision before we trapped him and got him his corrective surgery. Do to his condition he could not be returned to life outdoors.

He’s pretty content napping most of the day. He likes to hide because noises scare him since he cannot see much (if anything). He has no problem eating, drinking and using his litter box. He’s friendly with foster brother Draco and is not really bothered by the foster kittens in his home causing a racket. 

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